Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Installing Modules in Python Programming

We have been using lots of module in the Python programming series of video. But We need some way to install some additional module to perform specific task, like performing scientific computation needs scipy module and so on. The following video shows you how to install a module in Python. Have a look.

Fraction type utility module in Python Programming

The following module does operations on fractions and takes care of the output and also show this in appropriate fraction only. Have a look at the video to know more.

Random Module and Decimal Type Utility module in Python Programming

The following video illustrates Random module and utility type built in module in python programming. Python Programming has built in some of the exceptional utilities involving various operations related to our input data supplied. To know more please watch the video.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

IEEE Intelect Conference Education Workshop

I along with my friend went to Mumbai last month for IEEE intellect conference education and there we met people with the calibre to innovate and direct the world with their great ideas and discoveries. IEEE has some ethics on that they conduct conferences and workshops and therefore in this conference the attendees were expected to get the knowledge from the conference that how IEEE conducts such conferences. There were some people who had organized IEEE conferences in the past and there are very actively organizing in the present as well.

After that the next day was the IEEE expo where we saw some of the devices and smart city ideas to look out for. People has the plan to make each and every city of India a smart city but everything depends on money. I was really very happy to see the ideas they had to deal with every basic need of the citizens of the city. We also saw some of the devices based on renewable sources of enegry like solar power. Solar power devices are becoming more advanced , people already know about this but solar power devices took long time to make things happen. But Manufacturers have come up with efficient and fast solar devices.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Number types and built in utility function in Python Programming

The following video specifies the basic number types supported for the operations in python programming. Moreover there are some useful built in functions provided by Python that we do not use and some beginners might not be knowing about them. So this video is to let them know about those functions in python programming.

Set and Set related operations in Python Programming

The following video illustrates the use of python programming to perform various set related operations in python programmming. Python has built in tools to help you develop and solve the set related operations with very ease. Please have a look at the video and show your view in the comment section about the video.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The secret by Rhonda Byrne review

The Secret is a well known book written by Rhonda Byrne and told the world that there is a secret behind making your life. The moment you live is the result of the past thoughts that were like glimpses in your mind and this makes your future. People always thinks of the dark side or the negative side of the coin but never thought of the positive flip of it and this is why everyone in the world is facing hardships because they tend to attract the hardships by their thoughts, but if you see every religious leaders, scientists, inventors, the personality who changed the world's thinking always told the same thing to proceed with the thought in mind because they were knowing that thought would become things one day and would cherish you. The book told everyone educate people with the bright side of their thinking and this would make their lives easier.

The book features lots of persons who used the secret and made the best from it whether it comes for money ,career, love , health and life they have got everything. I tried to look the last section of the book and I got the contact details of those persons and this somewhat has made me think that this might be the legit effect that can cause on the human beings and overall I have got motivated after reading this book and started my work with a new spirit and ethusiasm, please try out this book and have patience and do not just read this book but use this book and get involved in this book.