Friday, January 29, 2016

Top 5 libraries to beautify django admin panel

Python Django comes up with an awesome admin panel. But many people have the issue that the admin panel is not that much intuitive and good looking. So here are the top five libraries picked up form the

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bhulado Bhulado cover by Chitrank Dixit

I have recorded Bhulado Bhulado by Raeth. Listen to the song on YouTube. Here is the link.

Monday, August 10, 2015

MOOC (Online Course to watch out) : Learn to Program: Crafting Quality code

Learn to program: crafting quality code is the sequel course of the Learn to program: The fundamentals. This course provided by university of Toronto. Now after knowing how to program fundamentally, you should be knowing how to code so that your code would last long and needs less maintenance. This course also makes you aware of the debugging and testing tools. Therefore making you ready to work on code , debug it , test the code under various conditions. This is how the software development proceeds.

This course is hosted at coursera.orgr and Here is the link for Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code:

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Converting Microsoft .docx to plain text

While developing the application many times you would need to transform a file to a specific format of your use and therefore, the best way to do that in Linux is using the command line utilities provided.


To convert Microsoft Word documents to plain text in Linux "docx2txt" is the tool that does the work for you. I  had to do the manipulation in the word file and show it to the application so I used this utility.

you can find this utility on this link:

just open you shell and you can type the following command to see it happen.

$ docx2txt <source_file> <destination_file>

Now you can have a look at your destination file and see through under the contents of the file, but it just converts the to text files only.

For converting to even more file types another tool will help you definitely.


Pandoc offers converting to more formats than doc2txt. Pandoc is considered the best by many developers. You can read more about Pandoc at this link:

Pandoc offers converting documents to a wide range and one should give it a try.

But the drawbacks of the above conversion tools is that it does not convert the equations embedded in the documents to any proper format. If someone is converting documents then the person wants to the equations to get converted to MathMl or Latex.


writer2latex is the plugin at the libre office writer. This helps with generating a proper latex output of the document we want. Well, this plugin also has one problem it works with jre 6. So if you have jre 7 you need to degrade it to jre 6 this is the only prominent option currently left.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Good Practices to Maintain your flask application for decades

Hello everyone My next video in the Python Flask series is the Good practices that someone should follow in order to maintain the python flask application for decades these practices also includes using Git repository. So that you can track the development progress of your project and keep your code safe from different unwanted situations. Please have a look at this video to know more.